Fireworks for sale Southampton

As the No 1 choice in Hants fireworks for sale, Southampton is where we love to make your party rock!


We offer an unbeatable range of fireworks for all occasions, delivered to your door in Southampton.

Buy fireworks from Fantastic Fireworks and enjoy the best of the brands, including Celtic, Dynamic, Jonathan’s, Absolute, Jorge, Brightstar and many more.

We stock all the whizz-bangs under the sun, including the awesome 120-shot 90-second Ragnarok display in a box and the stunning Big Finish finale frazzler, 50 sizzling shots in 50 frantic seconds!

See our complete fantastic range here.

Are you looking for quiet fireworks?

We do those too. Click on the link to find a wide range of low noise choices.

Quiet Fireworks


Check out our brilliant new all-in-one service

We know how much work goes into organising a fireworks display. And then there’s what to choose, what order to let them off in and doing it all safely.

Our new all-in-one service takes away all the worry. All orders come with free delivery and a free firing order, for orders over £500 we offer a free place on our fireworks training course and help you prepare a risk assessment.

And if you have any questions, call our telephone helpline on 0800 511 511.

In short, we take care of all the things that make organising a fireworks display too much like hard work!


++++++++++++LOOKING FOR A LASER DISPLAY? WE CAN HELP++++++++++++++++++

Click through to our Laserfire web site and view all our exciting options.

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