Quiet fireworks, the marvel of modern pyrotechnics

Step right up, folks, and behold the marvels of modern pyrotechnics. Quiet fireworks! As the UK’s No 1 fireworks display organiser, we know the crowning glory of any event comes in an array of forms and styles, each promising its own brand of awe and wonder. But what’s the buzz lately? It’s none other than the sensation of the hour: the “lower noise” firework display! Read more

Attention all you lovebirds! Our wedding fireworks will bring a tear to your eye

Attention lovebirds and party planners! Picture this: you’re basking in the glow of wedded bliss, surrounded by friends and family, but what could possibly make this moment even more magical? Cue the wedding fireworks! Read more

Plan your wedding fireworks at the lovely Langley

As the leading UK wedding fireworks organiser, we rarely come across venues as grand as The Langley, near Iver in Bucks.. Beautifully situated in the former manor home of the third Duke of Marlborough on 150 acres of formal gardens and parklands originally designed by ‘Capability’ Brown, The Langley offers the perfect setting for your wedding.   Read more

Ragley Hall is perfect for wedding fireworks

Searching for an exclusive venue for your wedding fireworks in Warwickshire? Look no further, Ragley Hall is a magical wedding venue. Picture yourself here in this fabulous photo courtesy of leading wedding web site Hitched. And to add to the magic, let us provide the perfect end to your special day with a fireworks display […] Read more

When Is Bonfire Night? Annual Date & Why We Celebrate

Bonfire Night is an annual tradition that the UK celebrates every year. It marks a special event in British history that happened over 400 years ago and has come to represent victory over treason and danger – a victory that many of us celebrate by lighting off fireworks! Let’s dig into when Bonfire Night is, […] Read more

Why Are Dogs Scared of Fireworks? Plus Tips to Keep Them Calm

Fireworks are a source of excitement and joy for many, but the loud noises, bright lights, and unfamiliar sounds can also be very scary for dogs. If you’ve ever been around pets during a fireworks celebration, you’ll know that dogs in particular experience a lot of fear and anxiety surrounding fireworks; even the smallest sparkler […] Read more

What Are Low-Noise Fireworks? An Explainer on Quiet Fireworks

As Bonfire Night approaches every autumn, many people are looking forward to celebrating with a bang. However, this celebration is often accompanied by loud noises that can make some people – as well as animals – uncomfortable. Fortunately, there is a solution: low-noise fireworks! These quieter versions of traditional fireworks are becoming increasingly popular as […] Read more

How Much Does a Fireworks Display Cost? Factors & Figures

Fireworks displays are a popular form of entertainment for occasions such as weddings, local events and national holidays like Bonfire Night. But even for those who love these thrilling displays, the cost of fireworks may be a sticking point when considering a purchase. Indeed, you may be wondering what the typical cost of a fireworks […] Read more

When can you set off fireworks in the UK?

In the UK, the rules regarding fireworks are primarily governed by the Fireworks Regulation 2004. These regulations restrict the use of fireworks to specific times and require individuals to adhere to certain guidelines. The general guidelines for setting off fireworks are as follows: The law says you must not set off or through fireworks (including […] Read more

What should I look for when buying fireworks?

Here are some key factors to consider when buying fireworks: Browser our full selection of fireworks here, with Free Delivery on all orders over £275! For more information call 0800 511 511 or email [email protected] Read more

How much space do you need for a fireworks display?

Fireworks displays have captivated audiences for centuries, dazzling them with vibrant colours, booming sounds, and breathtaking patterns. Organising a firework show requires meticulous planning and one critical consideration is determining the space needed to ensure a safe and awe-inspiring experience for everyone watching. How much space you need depends on the type of firework you […] Read more

Fireworks and CO2 Emissions

Fireworks have been an integral part if celebrations, adding sparkle and colour to special occasions around the world. However, while fireworks may dazzle our eyes and fill the air with a sense of wonder, it’s essential to consider their environmental impact. In recent years, concerns have arisen regarding the contribution of fireworks to carbon dioxide […] Read more