How much space do you need for a fireworks display?

Posted on August 1, 2023

Fireworks displays have captivated audiences for centuries, dazzling them with vibrant colours, booming sounds, and breathtaking patterns. Organising a firework show requires meticulous planning and one critical consideration is determining the space needed to ensure a safe and awe-inspiring experience for everyone watching.

How much space you need depends on the type of firework you are buying. Category 2 fireworks are perfect for at home garden displays, with a minimum viewing distance between 8 and 15 meters as they present a low hazard and lower noise level. In comparison to Category 3 fireworks, which are professional grade fireworks and require at least 25 meters viewing distance, these fireworks are intended for outdoor use in large open areas.

As well as the category of fireworks, here are some other factors to consider when estimate the space requirements for a fireworks display:

  • Local Regulations and Safety Guidelines – it’s important to familiarise yourself with local regulations, as they may have specific rules regarding the minimum distances between fireworks and spectators, buildings and other structures.
  • Viewing areas – the viewing area should be carefully planned to accommodate the expected number of spectators comfortable. Consider factors such as line of sight, crowd density and potential obstructions.
  • Wind and weather conditions – weather conditions, especially wind can greatly affect the safety and visibility of a firework display. Monitor weather forecasts and avoid launching fireworks in adverse conditions.
  • Surrounding environment – consider the proximity of buildings, trees, power lines, and other potential obstructions when planning the space for a firework display. Consider any potential risks posed by the surrounding environment and allocate necessary space accordingly.