Quiet Fireworks – Silent Fireworks

If you’re looking for quiet fireworks, we can promise a truly spectacular display without the loud bangs. Not only do we offer silent fireworks displays, but we also have individual products for those who want to host quieter, more considerate garden parties this fireworks season. View all our DIY quiet fireworks here – starting at just £8 for our 96-shot fireworks cake!

What are quiet fireworks?

Three burst of fireworks against the night skyWhat are silent fireworks, you ask? Basically, they’re what they say on the tin: fireworks designed to be much quieter than regular fireworks, typically by removing the gunpowder from the equation. That said, these fireworks are just as breathtaking as other types of fireworks; they just come at a much lower volume. This can be a huge benefit for those with noise-related issues, families with children, and, of course, pets.

See the video above for an example of the noise level you might expect from quiet fireworks. While they’re not entirely noiseless, they make only a fraction of the sound you’d get with traditional fireworks, with minimal reverberation and crackling.

Indeed, as more and more areas place noise restrictions on fireworks displays, we are happy to provide quiet and silent fireworks displays that adhere to these rules. The video above was filmed at Shrigley Hall in Cheshire, where quiet fireworks were the order of the day – a great innovation to help maintain peace in this lovely rural area.

Our quiet & silent fireworks services

Colourful silent fireworks over a body of waterWe are proud to be the leading supplier at several venues which will only allow quiet fireworks. These include Warwick Castle, Thornbury Castle, Danesfield House in Marlow-on-Thames, and Knebworth Park in Stevenage. Particularly for groups and venues outside of major cities, quiet fireworks displays can be a real boon for your event!

Using colourful mines, Roman candles, and fireworks fountains, we create quiet displays that look every bit as exciting as their noisier counterparts. Venues like Warwick Castle and Knebworth Park depend on Fantastic Fireworks for marvellous displays without the loud noises. 

With Fantastic Fireworks as their fireworks supplier, they maintain their esteemed reputations – and they return to us year after year because they can rely on our stellar service, safety measures, and of course, sound reduction.

Call us at 01582 48555 or fill out our contact form to book a silent fireworks display that you and your neighbours will love. If you’re thinking of having quiet fireworks for your Bonfire Night event, make sure to inquire soon – the nights around November 5th get booked up fast!