Fireworks and the Environment – How to keep noise levels down with quiet fireworks.

Posted on August 1, 2023

Fireworks have long captivated audiences with dazzling displays of light and colour perfect for Bonfire Night and New Years Celebrations. However, behind the vibrant lights and colour is burning concern of the environmental impact of fireworks. With one of the main concerns being noise pollution.

The deafening noise generated by fireworks can have adverse effects on wildlife. The loud explosions can disorient and stress animals, causing them to flee their habitats and disrupting their natural behaviors. Nesting birds, for instance my abandon their nests, leaving offspring vulnerable.

As individuals, we can contribute to reducing the environmental impact of fireworks. For example, by attending organised displays rather than setting off individual fireworks can help minimise pollution. We can also reduce the noise pollution by opting for low noise or quiet fireworks, where you can get all the explosions and sparkle without causing harm to wildlife.

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While fireworks may ignite our senses and bring joy to celebrations, their environmental impact cannot be overlooked. As we strive for a greener future its crucial to explore alternatives like low noise fireworks to help preserve our environment whilst still enjoying the magic and wonder of illuminated skies. Let’s light up the night responsibly!