Founder Jon Culverhouse recalls 35 years of Fantastic Fireworks

It’s funny how life weaves its rich tapestry. I’ve had two great jobs and count myself lucky to have forged a second career from a hobby that started in childhood – running a fireworks company. Before all that though, my first career was in newspapers. I’d always enjoyed writing and on graduating, with a highly […] Read more


Critics have long claimed that firework displays are just money going up in smoke, but this view seems to be gaining more traction now that the world is focused on the harm caused by greenhouse gases. So abandoning fireworks should be a no-brainer – an easy way to reduce CO2 emissions. Certainly fireworks are never going […] Read more

About us

Founded in 1983, Fantastic Fireworks has become one of the UK’s longest established professional firework companies. Our head office address is Rocket Park, Pepperstock,Herfordshire, LU1 4LL. While we also have offices near London & Manchester. As a UK & international award-winning fireworks company with over 35 years experience we provide amazing professional displays for any […] Read more

How do we do that?

We’re often asked how those exploding stars in the sky appear as heart shapes, or change from one colour to another, or how we manage to get the fireworks to burst on the exact beat of a piece of music. Fireworks are often thought of as one of the black arts, a bit of sky magic […] Read more

We Recommend

Finding reliable service suppliers can be a  time-consuming, frustrating process. If they are any good they will be booked up for months in advance and if they’re not you’re entitled to wonder why not. Searching the web is the obvious place to start but to save you some time we’ve listed below the suppliers we […] Read more

We Believe

We Believe in getting involved wherever we can all over our local area ensuring things get better. When we read that Harpenden High Street had lost one of its ancient copper beeches we funded the planting of a new one. In 2014 we sponsored a Tring woman who walked El Camino,  500-mile pilgrimage from the French […] Read more

Glossary – Firework Names and Effects

Each of our firework displays is carefully crafted to paint a picture in the sky and we work with you to ensure the result is just what you want. With a palette of endless colours, patterns, and effects to choose from, from a smiley face to a sea of red stars floating on water, you […] Read more