Amateur Firework Training

Take advantage of our FREE firework training course offer. As the training division of the leading UK fireworks company, Fantastic Fireworks. We are proud to stage courses for amateurs and would-be professionals.

If you are part of a community group spending £1,000 or more with Fantastic Fireworks, we will give you a free place worth £195 on our one-day September course for amateurs (Category 3). Please note: this offer above applies to community groups only (e.g. Scout Groups, School PTA’s, Parishes, Round Table etc)

This training course is designer to give enthusiastic amateurs an introduction to retail fireworks.  It is suitable for those at a beginners to an intermediate level, and will enable you to get the most out of your display and use Category 3 material safely and to your best advantage.

The course is taught in a relaxed atmosphere and includes some hands-on sessions outside. It features advice on set-up, firework safety, display design and much more.

The Course Covers: 

  • Firework Chemistry
  •  Firework Types
  •  Firework Fuses
  •  The Display Site
  •  Display Design & The Running Order
  •  Display Roles & Responsibilities
  •  Display Layout & Rigging
  •  Hand Firing / Electric Firing
  •  Monitoring The Display
  •  Clearing The Site
  •  Risk Assessment
  •  Fireworks Legislation

Throughout the day there will be ‘hands-on’ sessions outside where you will get the chance to light fireworks in a ‘live’ setting. You will also receive a certificate of attendance.

No previous experience is required and all attendees will go away with new ideas to help make their displays not only safer but more exciting.

DATES: 10th and 11th of September 2022

COST: A full day’s course, including notes, buffet lunch and refreshments, costs £195 per person.

LOCATION: The Fireworks Training School, Rocket Park, Half Moon Lane, Pepperstock, Luton, LU1 4LL.

If you wish to claim a free place or would like more information,  please call us on 0800 511 511 or email [email protected]

With such high demand for the 2021 courses we highly recommend ordering your spots for 2022 training to avoid disappointment.

You can also pre-book your places for 9th & 10th of September 2023.

For anyone wishing to become a professional pyrotechnician (firer) check out our professional training course.