Fireworks for sale Dunstable

Check out our fantastic range of fireworks for sale near Dunstable. They all pack a punch, just like the welcome cup of coffee you’ll get at our Luton fireworks shop.

Call by our easy-to-park superstore in Half Moon Lane, Pepperstock and see our fantastic range.

Just tap LU1 4LL into your satnav and let your car drive you there! Prefer to call? Dial 0800 511511 or drop in today and let’s get the party started!

You’ll find the best of the brands, including Celtic, Dynamic, Jonathan’s, Absolute, Jorge, Brightstar and many more.

Looking fireworks for sale near Dunstable? We are bang-on for the big stuff, including these all-guns-blazing big name numbers:

Armageddon –

Solarcoaster –

ShakaLakaBoomBoom –

Quantum Break Rockets –

Spirit In the Sky –

Our range