Order your Diwali fireworks here!

As the UK’s second longest established fireworks company we have been staging Diwali fireworks displays for nearly 40 years. Diwali is an important religious festival originating in India. It takes place annually and lasts for 5 days! The exact dates change each year and are determined by the position of the moon. This year it […] Read more

Desert Island Fireworks!

As the leading music and fireworks company, we’ve selected some favourite tracks to make your display really sing and dance! Read more

Fancy a job in fireworks? We are recruiting

We are always on the lookout for new talent to boost our amazing team of pyrotechnicians. Firers, as we call them, are at the heart of our operation. They are the intrepid performers who go out in all weathers to set up and fire our displays safely and expertly. In the old days it literally […] Read more

School Prom Fireworks

This beautiful photo by deJetleyMarks Photography is what school prom fireworks are all about. A magical night to remember. Here at Fantastic Fireworks we understand why the school prom is so special. It celebrates the end of five years of studying and making new friends. The night is given much significance where girls buy dresses […] Read more

Pink or blue? Gender reveals are the latest in firework fashion

There’s nothing like a good news story to brighten up the darkest of days. Gender reveals are the latest fireworks fashion to be gaining in popularity. For our latest display, the expectant mother and her husband had no idea whether it was a boy or a girl until they pressed our VIP start button and […] Read more

Celebrating New Year fireworks around the world

Professional fireworks are a given on New Year’s Eve, but apart from new year fireworks what are the other traditions around the world? Every year cities compete to have the best professional fireworks displays. From Central London all the way through to Sydney, Australia, pictured here, thousands of people gather to witness magical explosions in […] Read more

Fireworks on Water

Professional fireworks against the dark skies are beautiful but having them reflected over water can be truly remarkable. With twice the spectacle, water is the perfect reflective surface to magnify firework effects, colours and sparkles. A venue with a lake or location by the seaside or river presents the perfect opportunity to set up pyrotechnics […] Read more

Marquee Events + Firework Displays

Marquee Entertainment So, you’re planning an outdoor event, perhaps a wedding reception or an anniversary celebration. The first thing that you’re likely to have arranged is the key infrastructure. For the majority of outdoor events nationwide, the goal is to have a top-of-the-range marquee as a central hub for the event. There are so many ways […] Read more

Entire World Population Could Fit into Greater London – Planning Firework Area

Did you know that you can fit the entire world population, all 7.5 billion of us, into a space no larger than Greater London? Amazing, but true! When planning a fireworks display, it’s essential to know how many people you can safely fit into a given area. If you’ve never worked with spectator-related events, this can be […] Read more

Wake up and smell the fireworks!

There is only one smell that matches the delicious whiff of freshly fired gunpowder and that’s the whiff of freshly ground coffee! As the leading UK fireworks company here at Fantastic Fireworks we draw our inspiration from daily coffee meetings. Our new cart is kitted out with the latest Krupps bean-to-cup machine delivering max strength […] Read more

Celebrating the centenary of the end of the First World War

The First World War was a significant milestone in history. It impacts all our lives until this very day, either through our own family history, the heritage of our local communities or because of its impact on society. The centenary of the First World War started in 2014 and in 2018 we will be celebrating […] Read more

Fireworks in films

Fireworks in film perfectly capture the magic professional fireworks creates whether it be romantic or filled with suspense. These movies with fireworks start from classic 90’s through to 2017 90’s films with fireworks  From classic Disney movies to unforgettable chick flicks, nothing makes us more nostalgic than movies from the 90’s. Aladdin – 1992  One […] Read more