Royal wedding fireworks light the way

It was the perfect end to a perfect day, wedding fireworks lighting up the skies over Windsor. Harry and Meghan’s amazing day ended as it began, with a star-studded parade followed by a stunning cascade of shimmering white! The message was loud and clear. Fireworks are the perfect way to celebrate your special event. As the UK’s leading firework company wedding fireworks are among the many top quality displays we stage every year.

Fireworks convey a powerful message. You are the star of the show.  Imagine seeing your celebration illuminate the night sky and your name or brand logo bursting in colour. Now imagine looking at the faces of your guests and seeing the pure look of delight in their faces. This is all because of you. Fireworks make you look amazing!

Wedding fireworks

It’s a very special moment when the bride and groom step outside and there is a ripple of excitement among all the guests. We can add to the drama by inviting the bride to press our VIP button to start the display. To whoops and cheers fireworks rock the sky!


Whether it’s a wedding, corporate event or a birthday or anniversary you can have a name or logo emblazoned in fireworks. We can make that happen a couple of different ways. A static tableau  can feature a name or logo in sparkling pyrotechnics. Or, with the latest technology, we can create words and numbers in sky-writing.

Hire Professionals

It’s of the utmost importance when hiring a fireworks company it meets the industry standards of professionalism, reputation and insurance cover. It should be a one-stop shop to take care of everything, including acquiring necessary permits, being aware of noise curfews in the area and alerting agencies like the Civil Aviation Authority (if the display is near an airport) and the Coastguard (if the display is by the sea).

The firework company should also clear the site of any fireworks debris, with the objective of leaving the site exactly as it was found. This may sometimes mean returning the following morning to complete the job in daylight.

As members of the industry’s two leading representative bodies, the British Pyrotechnists Association (BPA) and the CBI’s Explosives Industry Group (EIG) Fantastic Fireworks takes great pride in carrying out these responsibilities.


Once you decide that fireworks will be part of your celebration you’ll need to think about things like timing, duration and, if you’d like them choreographed to music, which music you want.

Duration is very subjective. It’s important to keep your audience captive. You don’t want them to lose interest if it goes on too long. So, what is the sweet spot? Today’s trend is to make it short and spectacular, say 5-10 minutes, rather than, for the same budget, longer and less exciting. With a truly spectacular show an audience will lose all sense of time. Five minutes can feel like twenty-five!

Music choice

Music choice depends on the theme of the event and the reason for celebration. Wedding fireworks will often feature the bride’s favourite songs while a corporate event might go something classical. Fantastic Fireworks staff have an encyclopaedic knowledge of music and can advise and suggest ideas for your event.


Fireworks do not come cheap and there is a widespread price range depending on the complexity, duration and location of the show. Traditional firework displays can cost anywhere from £1,000 to £10,000. More elaborate displays choreographed to music can be anything from £5,000 to £50,000.

Inclement Weather

The UK weather poses a continual threat not only to outdoor celebrations but to fireworks in particular. But it’s not as bad as you might think. Fireworks can withstand wet weather because we make sure they are properly waterproofed. It’s high wind which poses the bigger threat, particularly of debris and sparks landing among the audience. This can be countered by forward planning.  By bringing a contingency supply of fireworks suitable for all but the fiercest wind we will always try and adhere to the showbiz adage: The show goes on. If there is a lot riding on the event, cancellation insurance should be considered.