10 inspirational ways to pop the question

When it comes to popping the big question, getting down on one knee is not always the best way to go nowadays.

People across the globe have seriously stepped up their game when it comes to making one of the biggest gestures of their lives.

The usual proposal whilst at home or somewhere simple is not the go-to idea anymore. Here are 10 ideas which we came across that we think would be the perfect ways to show you have put effort in – your other half will find it impossible to say no to these…and of course the wedding fireworks which follow later on are always well worth the wait!

  1. We love the method used by fireworks organiser David when he popped the question. He made his girlfriend Hayley get up at some ungodly hour and sent her all over the country on a sort of romantic treasure hunt. He even fitted a tracker to her car so he could monitor how she was getting on! When she finally arrived on a remote mountain hillside in the Lake District she found a note hidden behind a postbox. It read: ‘Will you marry me? After going to all that effort she couldn’t say no!

  2. Romance was top of the agenda when Matt took Jane for an early morning walk along the cliffs of Cornwall. Pointing out the wide stretch of sand below, Jane saw some wrtiting (which Mat had carefully inscribed between the tides). It read ‘Will You Marry Me?’ Matt and Jane are celebrating their 12th wedding anniversary, along with two daughters, this year!

  3. Ask a firework company like us to create ‘Will You Marry Me?’ in a glittering firework tableau. Set it up in the garden and after it gets dark ask your girlfriend outside to look at the stars. At the right moment light the fuse and watch the sheer amazement and delight that spreads all over her face! Our client Hassan proposed this way and he told us afterwards it got the desired result. On the big day Hassan called us in to stage an amazing wedding fireworks display.

  4. Paris is the city of romance. Take your girlfriend for the weekend and arrange a visit to the Eiffel Tower. When you’re at the top and she is overcome by the amazing views, pop the question!

  5. Flash mob – if you know your other half loves big crowds and would appreciate the help of your friends, why not get a big group together to help you ask for their hand in marriage? One guy whose girlfriend has a love for Pokemon got his friends together all dressed up and proposed with none other than a ring presented in a Pokeball!

  6. If you enjoy getting crafty or even if you aren’t very good at it but want to give it a go, this is a brilliant way of showing how much effort you are willing to put in. From one guy creating meme cards with his own messages on to a girl who created a Mario themed presentation box asking her boyfriend to be her player 2 – there are so many ways you could go with this idea.

  7. Saying ‘I love you’ with food has to be a winning combination, whether it is hiring a chef to cook an amazing meal at home, or if you are a dab hand at baking you could create something special yourself and place the ring on top! If you are creative enough with food and DIY you could even get something like a Kinder Egg and place the ring inside the plastic egg as a very special ‘toy’!

  8. The UK is full of some of the most idyllic natural waterfalls, providing the perfect proposal setting. If you enjoy walks and hikes together and are a real outdoors type couple then this would be the ideal setting for one of the most romantic gestures of your life. The bottom of a waterfall is the obvious choice for the best spot, but the top of the waterfall can also provide stunning views especially at dusk or just as the sun is setting. Is there a more romantic setting?

  9. This one may be a bit far fetched, but if pulled off would be a truly spectacular way to propose. For any real Disney fanatics there is no better place to propose than at Cinderella’s castle in Disney. Underneath the castle provides an exceptional spot to get down on one knee.

  10. Finally, how about asking a local radio station dj to record your proposal along with her favourite song as a special commission. Download it and when you’re alone together, at home or even in the car, turn it on as if you were listening to the radio. Imagine her surprise when the proposal is broadcast ‘live’!