All about the wedding entertainment

When it comes to organising your wedding and your wedding fireworks it’s not only about turning it into a full day and night of celebrations. It is about being with the one you love and spending time with those who are most important to you.

With this in mind people love to fill their day with activities and entertainment to turn it into a party as well as mixing it with the importance of the vows and making commitments.

But what are the best ways to make your guests say wow throughout the day and night? We have some ideas for you…

Make believe

The in-between time between the actual ceremony and arriving at the venue for the evening entertainment can be a funny gap to try and fill. Trying to find something a bit out of the ordinary is a great way of keeping guests amused and a magician would certainly do this.

We aren’t talking pulling a rabbit out of the hat – there are plenty of more sophisticated card tricks and illusions which would fit in nicely with the theme. Plus, they give guests who aren’t familiar with one another a great topic of conversation to start with!

Sweet treats

Something which is becoming more and more popular at weddings is incorporating food as a part of the entertainment! Let’s face it who doesn’t love walking in somewhere and seeing an array of food. That alone is enough to keep you entertained for a great deal of time!

Sweet tables are popping up at weddings all over the place nowadays; having your very own pick and mix in personalised bags, popcorn carts, chocolate fountains etc. – you name it and you can probably add it to your wedding night do.

Out with a bang

Once night falls the perfect way to wow your guests is with a fantastic display of fireworks of course! You can choose your favourite songs to match the bright flashes of colour to make sure this display is personal to you and your new husband or wife.

With special add-ons, like our VIP button (pictured above) the bride or groom can start the show and make it that much more fun.

You could also make the fireworks a surprise for your other half. It will certainly make your special day even more fantastic!