Fireworks on Water

Posted on September 22, 2018

Professional fireworks against the dark skies are beautiful but having them reflected over water can be truly remarkable. With twice the spectacle, water is the perfect reflective surface to magnify firework effects, colours and sparkles. A venue with a lake or location by the seaside or river presents the perfect opportunity to set up pyrotechnics on ]water.

Aside from the aesthetics, using the water’s surface extends the set up space for the fireworks enabling our technicians to set up bigger effects. Professional displays require a safety distance of up to 50 metres from spectators and a similar distance for the fall-out zone – the safety distance on the other side of the fireworks where the debris lands.

But how does it work? A pontoon or a barge is commonly used as a firing platform. However, working at sea can be problematic especially if it gets choppy! Our professional firers’ are experienced enough to identify the required equipment that will work with and not against the waves.

For our annual display at Drayton Manor Park in the West Midlands we use modular pontoons to fire from the lake. The modules are about a metre square and lock together to form a solid floating platform from which to launch the fireworks. We also use this format to fire displays at the renowned Titanic Hotel in Liverpool where wedding guests watch from the terrace on the waterfront.

For our displays on the Thames in London we use a 30m barge from which to fire displays like the one we staged to celebrate 50 years of the world renowned architects Foster + Partners.

For more information on our professional fireworks displays call us on 0158 248 5555 or email [email protected]