Quiet Fireworks – Call 0845 272 3550

If you’re looking for quiet fireworks, we can promise a truly spectacular display without the loud bangs. 

What are quiet fireworks, you ask? Basically, quiet fireworks do what they say on the tin: fireworks designed to be much quieter than regular fireworks, typically by removing the explosive charges that make all those bangs.

That said, quiet fireworks are just as spectacular as other types of fireworks; they just come at a much lower volume. This can be a huge benefit for those with noise-related issues, families with children, and, of course, pets.

For a fully organised quiet fireworks display by our team of professionals, prices start from only £1495 for a fabulous four minutes, and rising to £2995 for a longer display for occasions such as Bonfire Night.

See the video above for an example of the noise level you might expect from quiet fireworks. While they’re not entirely noiseless, they make only a fraction of the sound you’d get with traditional fireworks, with minimal reverberation and crackling.

Call us on 0845 272 3550 or fill out our contact form to book a quiet fireworks display that you and your neighbours will love. If you’re thinking of having quiet fireworks for your Bonfire Night event, make sure to inquire soon – the nights around November 5th get booked up fast!