Fireworks on the Thames

Fireworks on the Thames are a rare sight these days. In Central London down to Tower Bridge and beyond, the Port of London Authority have restricted them to just two –  New Year’s Eve and the Lord Mayor’s Show. However they are permitted further downriver by the O2 at Canary wharf and upriver beyond Lambeth Bridge.

We have put on displays at some of the capital’s best known events, including New Year’s Eve and the former Thames Festival. Apart from the fireworks themselves the main costs of a Thames display are barge hire and the charge levied by the PLA to use the river. These start from approximately £4,000 for the former and £1,000 for the latter. With a fireworks cost of around £5,000 for a 5-minute display the total for a Thames display will start at approximately £10,000 + VAT.

We will be happy to advise any clients wishing to stage such a display,