Will Sydney New Year drone show plan signal the end of big time fireworks?

Posted on February 16, 2020

Plans to replace Sydney’s iconic New Year fireworks display with a light show could be bad news for UK fireworks companies. According to media reports, in response to calls to curb air pollution the world famous extravaganza will this year feature a show performed by hundreds of drones. Admittedly they do look cool and amazing. However you wouldn’t be surprised to hear that here at Fantastic Fireworks we fear that such a move could have widespread ramifications for the future of UK fireworks. Where Sydney goes London is sure to follow.


It will send a message worldwide that fireworks are something nasty and to be avoided. This would be a shame. Fireworks provide huge entertainment for millions across the planet. Then there are the vast sums of money they raise for good causes. Even laser shows, frequently promoted as an alternative, cannot replace the elemental thrill of a fireworks display.

Once something is lost it rarely comes back. It’s not just the fireworks industry that would lose out but the millions who enjoy this time-honoured spectacle. In the final analysis CO2 emissions from fireworks are less than a drop in the ocean of air pollution. It would be something many would regret if fireworks became the baby that’s thrown out with the bath water.