The battle where we’re always in retreat!

Posted on February 23, 2024

As leading UK festival fireworks organisers we were delighted to be back at York this year for the world-renowned Jorvik Viking Festival. Thousands descend on the city for this annual winter event and we were proud and thrilled to provide another spectacular finale. But every year it becomes a bit more of a challenge as every blade of grass and every inch of tarmac is eagerly fought over by two sets of fearsome combatants. First there are the Viking actors, keen to show off their prowess in the art of war, and then there is us, keen to show our prowess in the art of fireworks. Needless to say, the Vikings always win! Their spectacular battle re-enactments require a battlefield-sized theatre, that’s what people pay to come and see. So the challenge for us to deliver a show on what used to be a ten-pound note but is now a sixpence! No matter. We love a challenge and once again this year we rose to it. We were able to create the atmospheric scene you see here, and many more like it, by using special effects like lighting, fountains, flares and zero-fallout pyrotechnics, all only yards from the audience. It was another triumph for our fearless army of pyrotechnicians. But the Vikings still carried the day!

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