War of the Worlds – the fireworks thriller of the year!

Posted on November 15, 2015

War of the Worlds fireworks spectacularThe UK’s leading fireworks company is proud to bring you the fireworks thriller of the year. Just one of the many outstanding displays we delivered this month, our War of the Worlds pyro-musical spectacular must rank among the best of all the shows staged in the UK this year.

It was choreographed to Jeff Wayne’s musical version of the classic H G Wells science fiction thriller, showcasing his ‘new generation’ artists including Liam Neeson as the narrator and Gary Barlow singing the hauntingly beautiful Forever Autumn.

We’ve received dozens of posts praising the show, including this one from Vicky Lewis in Cornwall: ‘Just had to say, we just watched your awesome War of the Worlds display, we have never seen anything as spectacular ever, what an amazing show. Just incredible. You are wonderful to create such fantastic spectacles for peoples amazement, brought a tear to my eye at one point and made us both gasp in awe!’