This was the Belle of the Ball fireworks

Posted on June 30, 2015

We make organising a fireworks display simple. As the leading UK fireworks company we do all the hard work so you don’t have to. We’ll visit your site, write the risk assessment, design your display and be there on the night to make sure the party goes with bang. New technology is the driving force behind many of today’s most spectacular fireworks in the UK and abroad. With advances in wireless communications and the development of close proximity fireworks there is almost no place you can’t have fireworks. Take this May Ball at Queens College, Cambridge. With no space on the ground for a fireworks organiser to operate, there was only one thing for it. A rooftop display. Not long ago this would have posed all sorts of safety problems from firework debris. Using our close proximity material we were able to provide the college with a stunning display expertly choreographed to music – the ‘Belle of the Ball fireworks’ as one onlooker described it. ‘Zero fallout’ fireworks is only one facet of our impressive portfolio. Wireless technology means we can also fire shows in awkward places like barges. No longer is there a need to trail metres of cable across the water to a safe spot. This year’s Isle of Man TT Festival firework is another outstanding example of why we are setting the pace in UK fireworks. ‘Another fantastic display,’ commented the IoM’s Director of Tourism Michael Dochety, ‘you’ve done us proud.’

Watch highlights of the IoM display.