This is the bit I look forward to most of all!

Posted on June 19, 2013

Isle of Man TT Festival fireworks 2013. Photo by Lukas Gisbert MoraThe weather was perfect, the fireworks were fantastic! It’s been another riproaring festival of speed at the Isle of Man TT races this year and we were proud to be there with a grandstand finish.

The festival’s organiser Michael Doherty was full of praise for the finale provided by London and Manchester fireworks company Fantastic Fireworks. ‘It’s the bit I always look forward to most of all,’ said Mr Doherty. ‘It means another festival has been successfully completed and I can relax and enjoy the fireworks. Once again you put on a magnificent show.’

Steve Boothman and Andy Howarth led the Fantastic Fireworks team, who spent 5 days on the island prepping the show. All the crew, fireworks and equipment travelled by sea to Douglas, the island capital, where the show was set up on a 10-metre long barge.

This year the event was blessed with warm and sunny weather, enabling Steve and his team to put on a truly superlative display. Photo and video by Lukas Gisbert-Mora. The TT fireworks mark the start of another action-packed summer for the UK’s most exciting, energetic and inspirational fireworks company Fantastic Fireworks. Watch here for more updates of what we’re doing.

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