‘The whole thing was brilliant from start to finish’

Posted on October 27, 2014

Firework companies love this time of the year. For us it has been an amazing September, and not just the weather. Following the huge success of our 750th anniversary display for Merton College, Oxford, we were invited back for an encore this month. Once again the dreaming spires were awakened by a majestic birthday celebration of one of their most venerable members. Up in Lincolnshire we crafted a spectacular sound and light show for an RAF graduation ball while the highlight of the month was a show for a 21st birthday party. We’re always pleased to see our clients get involved and on this occasion Max, the birthday boy, not only mixed his his own music – Blaster Jaxx, Calvin Harris and DJ Snake to name a few of favourite artists – but chose the fireworks from our extensive range. You can see the stunning result here.

‘I am completely amazed’ he told us. ’The whole thing was brilliant from start to finish. I have had a keen interest in pyrotechnics for many years and hence had a good idea about what I wanted to create. I was introduced to Rino who would be managing my display. He was extremely helpful, informative and accommodating. I mixed the music up and had a look through the stock list to input my suggestions and he factored it all into the final product. He is probably one of the best professionals in any field that I have come across – helpful, friendly, professional, expert and most importantly creative and enthusiastic.

‘Rino and I meticulously planned the transitions but the final product was far beyond what I had imagined. The precise single-shot timing to the beat was an incredible addition, the hummers were unique and of course the brocade with horsetails and the like will be stuck in my memory forever.’

Like Amazon, a firework company should be able to offer a next-day service. The trouble is that not many of our clients know this. It’s sort of expected that it must take weeks, if not months, to deliver a professional fireworks display. The good news is that here at Fantastic Fireworks we joined the Amazon revolution before Amazon! It happened several years ago when the winner of an MTV competition had to spend his £10,000 prize the same day. The call came in at 11am and by mid-afternoon we were on site and rigging the show. In 2012 the visiting President of Kazakhstan wanted fireworks for a party celebrating the Olympics at a stately home in North London. That call came in at midnight and by the following morning our team were on their way. Earlier this year we responded to a bride wanting wedding fireworks the next day. Her excuse was that she’d just looked at the weather forecast, saw it was going to be fine and decided she wanted fireworks! So if on a whim you want fireworks tomorrow, just pick up the phone or email us and we’ll be there. The number to call? 0845 272 3550 or email [email protected] or text 0753441 4991.