Sunshine Supershow – Daylight Fireworks!

Posted on July 19, 2010

Astronauts are used to seeing some pretty amazing sights…comets, asteroids, space stations, the earth from space. Now they can add one more, daylight fireworks!

The crew from the Space Shuttle joined crowds in glorious sunshine to detonate a spectacular display marking the end of the annual Portsmouth Festivities.

Fantastic Fireworks were called in to create a high impact, visual finale to the event which was due to end in broad daylight. We suggested our new range of colour smoke effects combined with a blast of confetti to give the astronauts and the audience an altogether new experience. Pippa Cleary, general manager of Portsmouth Festivities, said afterwards: ‘The fireworks were wonderful, truly spectacular. No one quite knew what to expect and we were all stunned by how amazing they were.’