Summer starts here!

Posted on June 18, 2012

It’s been a wet and cold spring but summer is finally on the way with June bustin’ out all over with firework displays!

As the leading UK and London firework company Fantastic Fireworks is in the thick of it. The weekend before last we were in Douglas, Isle of Man, to celebrate the end of another exhilarating TT festival. Firing on water is always something of a challenge, especially when it is both windy and wet.

The decision whether to go ahead with the show was left with our Display Director Steve Boothman. It’s always a difficult call to choose between disappointing thousands of spectators and going ahead when conditions dictate otherwise. In the event the wind moderated, the rain relented and as our photo shows, the display produced another spectacular finale which was met with rapturous applause.

‘It was one of the best displays we have ever seen at the TT,’ said a delighted Michael Doherty,  the Isle of Man’s head of tourism. ‘We look forward to seeing you again next year.’ Our fireworks display team was soon back in action on the mainland last weekend, lighting up Hampton Court for the annual Music Festival. Once again windy weather threatened to upset the grand finale but thanks to the skill and experience of our pyrotechnicians it fired on cue, producing a fantastic display and this fantastic photo courtesy of our fireworks photographer Benjamin Mole.

June continues to be a massive month as we head to the Henley Summer Fireworks during Regatta week. Watch this space.

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