Quiet fireworks in Wiltshire

Posted on August 12, 2017

As the leading UK firework company specialising in quiet fireworks we were delighted to provide an extra special finale for wedding fireworks in Wiltshire.

With a venue where only quiet fireworks could be used we lit up the sky with a stunning combination of lasers, flames and fireworks.

The bride’s father, Rod Allan of Caravatti Events, was so pleased with the result he gave us a 5-star rating on the highly respected reviews web site TrustPilot.

‘Many thanks for making our day even more special!!!’ he wrote. ‘Everybody loved the display!! It was a pleasure working with Jon and his team. Extremely friendly and professional, they did not rest until we were 100% satisfied. If you are looking for a fireworks company then look no further!! We look forward to working with Fantastic Fireworks again in the future.’

Thanks Rod, this means so much to the crew who worked their socks off to bring it all together.

The show was choreographed to a music mix created by Rod and opened with Human by Rag ‘n’ Bone Man. Here we teamed the slow beat with pulsing flames and swathes of colourful laser beams. Next up came Despacito with its latin rhythms. Enter the fireworks!

Over the following minutes the sky lit up with mines, candles and quiet starbursts of falling leaves and horse tails. Falling leaves is a firework which scatters hundreds of coloured stars which gently drift across the sky on invisible wings. Horse tails is another beauty which rises several hundred feet before quietly opening to release a sky full of stars. These fall in trails of golden threads, looking just like their eponymous, equine namesakes.