Let’s celebrate VV Day – Victory over the Virus!

Posted on June 8, 2020

As a professional firework company we’re both thrilled and relieved to see the country opening up as the virus threat recedes. It’s been a strange few months, flooding in February, pandemic and lockdown in March, then the amazing heatwave of April and May. Short of a plague of locusts it’s been almost biblical! But after the surreality comes reality and here at Fantastic Fireworks we can’t wait to shake off the Corona cobwebs and get back to work.

While we must never forget the tens of thousands of people who lost their lives to this terrible virus, we must also care for the living.

There’s nothing like a fireworks display to cheer everyone up so let’s hope weddings, outdoor events and celebrations will soon be here again. Luckily, with summer & autumn events still to come there are plenty of occasions to celebrate, and what better way than with fireworks.

Amazing in any back garden

Although we believe that some of the bigger outdoor events may not get the go-ahead in time we’re sure there will be far more smaller celebrations taking place where fireworks will be permitted. We have been busy creating smaller scale firework displays that would look amazing in any back garden. See this example at the top of the article.

Ranging in price from just £995 our post-virus firework display packages offer great value for money.

Click here to download our latest fireworks display price guide.

At the moment we have a good availability for the August-November period, so if you are planning a celebration fireworks party call us on 01582 485555  or email [email protected]. We’re here to help.