Posted on March 31, 2023

As one of the UK’s leading professional firework display organisers we receive many inquiries from community groups requesting laser displays instead of fireworks on November 5th. The reasons often cited are CO2 emissions, air pollution and noise.

We always strongly advise against using lasers as a substitute for fireworks. It only leads to disappointment. Nothing compares to the emotional impact of fireworks and lasers don’t even come close. You can’t hold an audience’s attention for more than a few minutes with silent beams of light, however pretty they may look. Besides, those three core objections to fireworks don’t stand up to scrutiny.

In today’s world of mass CO2 emissions by everything from the motor car to the factory, the humble fireworks display’s environmental impact is a drop in the ocean. Likewise pollution by toxic particles is on such a minuscule scale that it’s practically unmeasurable. Then there is noise. There is no denying that most fireworks displays produce a lot of noise, it’s part of what makes it enjoyable. Well, for most folk.

But there is a solution – quiet fireworks. We have voluntarily dialled down the volume of many of our displays whilst keeping them spectacular. Quietly spectacular, we call them.

But if the argument is lost, and you really want a laser display, we do those too. But we won’t do them on Bonfire Night because we don’t want to let down our audiences. Instead we encourage laser displays to take place away from November 5th when that there is no association with fireworks. Halloween weekend, the week before Bonfire Night, is a good opportunity to promote a ‘Spooktakular’ laser display accompanied by a suitably spooky soundtrack. Or, as we have found with many schools, the start of December when Christmas Fairs are popular. Here we combine lasers, flames and snow machines in a ‘Winter Wonderland’ display that school audiences really like.

Watch our video clip at the top of the page for a flavour of how we make a laser show work. And yes, you’ll spot a few pyrotechnics to add some extra razzmatazz, but just a few quiet and colourful roman candles. Like to know more? Call us on 0845 272 3550 or email [email protected]