Howzat for a fantastic farewell!

Posted on February 11, 2013

When cricket lover Peter Murray passed way recently it was only fitting that his wake should be held at the club he supported for many years. Peter was also a big fireworks fan and a longtime supporter of Fantastic Fireworks. He gave both his daughters firework displays for their weddings and used the leading UK firework display organiser for many other parties as well. So when it came to organising a final farewell his daughter Rebecca Murray, who is a top London barrister, invited us to be there too.

We suggested a display set to Handel’s Zadok the Priest, a beautiful, joyful and above all, emotional piece of music which seemed to be just right for the occasion. The venue was Neston Cricket Club on the Wirral where Peter, himself once a keen player, was a member and benefactor.

‘The fireworks were utterly superb and totally perfect for the occasion,’ Rebecca told us. ‘There were flood of tears all round as they were so “dad” and we could all picture him looking down on them saying “wow”. I’m welling up just thinking about them again 2 weeks later!

‘Dad didn’t use anyone else but Fantastic Fireworks for all his parties, big or small. Aside from his 60th at the cricket club, there was my sister’s wedding and engagement and my wedding. I also told a story at the wake about him buying 4 rockets for a party at my aunt’s house, 1 for each if his children for our dreams to come true. Dad was an immensely generous and giving man so we asked everyone to join us for the fireworks in wishing him a heavenly afterlife in which he gets back the boundless love he gave out.

‘So all in all they were a wonderful wish for dad and a fantastic tribute to all the parties he had. The music was perfect too.

‘Thank you so much for (yet another!) magnificent job.’