How ‘Drive-in’ fireworks might be one way to save Bonfire Night

Posted on April 30, 2020

In these very uncertain times fireworks companies will be looking ahead to the November season with a great deal of trepidation. 

The Coronavirus lockdown looks certain to continue into the summer, so to what degree might it be relaxed by the autumn? And what impact will it have on the organisation of Bonfire Night displays? 

Large scale gatherings may well be still a no-go, so what can be done to salvage our 400-year-old tradition? 

Back garden displays look certain to gain in popularity as the only way of celebrating safely. But one way of saving large scale public events might be the ‘drive-in’ fireworks display. 

Like a ‘drive-in movie’ the display would be viewed from the safety of your car. This should satisfy the need for social distancing while providing event venues with a welcome and innovative way of generating income. 


It won’t work for smaller venues where there is not enough space but a relaxation of the lockdown by the autumn may allow them to stage traditional Bonfire Night displays limited to a smaller audience. This would be welcome news to the many organisations like schools, scouts, charities and communities who are so dependent on these display to raise funds. 

Meanwhile, as all upcoming outdoor events have already been cancelled or postponed the one bit of summer entertainment that might be allowed is the drive-in movie itself. If you are planning such an event how about a fireworks finale with our ‘smiley face’ fireworks to send everyone home happy!