Hola! It’s daylight fireworks!

Posted on March 19, 2018

As the UK’s trend-setting fireworks company our scouts have been out in Spain researching the latest fashion in fireworks. And guess what! It’s not your traditional night time displays which caught their eye but, wait for it, daylight fireworks!

It sounds like a contradiction in terms, we know, but you really can enjoy all the fun and excitement of fireworks in broad daylight.

One of the most popular spectacles can be found in Valencia where more than 100,000 spectators gathered this month for the annual festival of fire – Las Fallas. The top attraction is the daily show of daylight fireworks in the city square, the Plaza Ayuntamiento, culminating on March 19th, the feast day of Saint Joseph or San José.

It’s no understatement to say that the ear-splitting, unexpected explosions in the middle of the day often give visitors a fright. After all, as Clare Speak of the Culture Trip puts it, ‘who’s expecting a firework display at 2pm?’
This is the mascletà – rough translation, firecrackers –  one of the Valencia region’s most-loved traditions.
Combined with lots of coloured smoke and star spangled flashes, Speak says that mascletà ‘is best described as ‘noise fireworks’, where the most important factors are the rhythm of the explosions, the amount of noise made and the amount of smoke created. It’s a major part of the city’s huge Las Fallas festival, shaking the city centre to its foundations for five minutes every day for weeks before the festival even begins.
Fasten your earplugs and watch a sample of one of this year’s daytime firework mascletà shows

You might think you’ve accidentally landed in a war zone

‘In fact, if you visit Valencia in mid-March you might think you’ve accidentally landed in a war zone, ‘ says Speak. ‘The air is thick with the smell of gunpowder and the sound of firecrackers going off almost constantly.’
While the ear-splitting noise of mascletà might be too strong for British tastes here in the UK, we have been developing a more colourful variation which is ideal for daytime product launches and opening ceremonies. While out there our team were given a demonstration of the latest in coloured smoke daylight fireworks (pictured above) by the Spanish company Europa.
For event organisers wanting to add some serious razzmatazz to a daytime event we are delighted to announce we are now offering all the colour and some of the noise of daylight fireworks for your product launch or opening ceremony.
 Call us on 01582 485555 or email [email protected] for more details.