Here comes summer fireworks!

Posted on April 7, 2011

Celebs were out in force for the annual Pimm’s Summer Party at the Garden Museum in Lambeth.  The celebration marked the clocks going forward to BST and the opportunity to sample the first Pimm’s of 2011.

The event organisers Creative Styling called in Fantastic Fireworks to put their client’s name in lights and create some festive fun. Our top technician Tom Clark created this giant replica of the Pimm’s logo which was accompanied by crackers, fountains and screechers.

The display was expertly set up and  fired by our professional firework display organisers Dave Twydell and Nick Roberts. Creative’s Bob Dare was delighted with the result. ‘Thanks so much for all your help in the run up to the event and for a great show on the night’ he told our display manager Hayley Maddin.