Help! I need to organise a fireworks display!

Posted on May 19, 2012

How much does a fireworks display cost? Who is the leading firework company in the UK? Who can I get to help me arrange fireworks for a wedding? These are some of the many questions to which the answer is: Ask Fantastic Fireworks. With more than 26 years’ experience in fireworks there is little we don’t know and still less we can’t do.

A client who wanted a wedding fireworks show in her garden showed us a firing site in the middle of her arboretum, not realising that all the very tall trees would completely block the view! Fortunately she also had a large lake. Our solution was to create a  launching platform made out of interlocking lightweight modules and float it out into the middle of the lake where the fireworks could be seen in all their splendour.

Fireworks on water is an area in which we have in-depth knowledge! Another client wanted help and advice in organising an open air concert with fireworks celebrating the London Olympics. We were able to call on many years’ experience in event management at fireworks concerts with advice on security and crowd control, car parking and stewarding, health & safety management, risk assessments and of course arranging a spectacular fireworks show fired to live music.

If you are tasked with organising an event with fireworks and need a helping hand please call us on 01582 485555 or email [email protected]. Further information about our fireworks displays.

…oh and did you know we also have fireworks for sale at the Fantastic Fireworks Online Shop.