Hayley, the Girl Fawkes among the Guys!

Posted on October 25, 2011

With more than 150 displays coming up in the next two weeks, the Fantastic Fireworks teams are all fired up for the premier date of the year. Pyrotechnicians are predominantly male but ranking high among our pool of more than 200 is one of the few females in the business. Hayley Maddin has enjoyed a meteoric rise since arriving three years ago to run our mail order division. During that time she has progressed to become head of our display department. Hayley, pictured here, is only 27 and she has displayed such determination that she has already reached her goal of becoming a fully fledged senior pyrotechnician (but not before enduring sub-zero temperatures during one the coldest displays of the year!). Hayley’s achievement has been recognised by her peers in the industry with the news that she has been shortlisted in the category Employee of the Year at the prestigious Event Production Awards ceremony next year. There is also recognition for Fantastic Fireworks who have been shortlisted in the Special Effetcts category.

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