From zero to hero

Posted on November 18, 2021

The development of fireworks that produce no debris, often referred to a zero-fallout fireworks, is great news for a fireworks organiser asked to provide a professional fireworks display from a rooftop. As one of leading UK fireworks companies in this field we were given the challenging task of creating just such a display for the UK’S City of Culture this month.

The occasion was Coventry’s Christmas Lights switch-on in the city centre, a piazza surrounded by high rise buildings. Jon Hogan, the council’s event manager, specified that with no road closures and no no-go areas, the display must be zero-fallout. Also, with heightened security, he wanted the display to be as quiet as possible so as not to cause alarm.

‘I know I’m asking the possible, but can you do it?’ he asked.

On the night of November 17th we lit up Coventry with an amazing display of Mexican waves that rippled round the piazza in a colourful  cavalcade of shooting stars and comets. There was no debris and very little noise.

‘You did it, Jon told us afterwards, ‘you did the impossible. It was epic.’