Foo Fighters go out in a blaze as Henley rocks

Posted on July 4, 2011

Foo Fighters and Fantastic Fireworks at MK Bowl 2011As the leading UK fireworks display company we are often asked to put on shows at short notice, so when we got the call to send Foo Fighters out with a bang last weekend, we were on the way to Milton Keynes  before you could say Long Road to Ruin!  It was a fantastic experience to be the last act in front of 65,000 Foo fans.  We hope they enjoyed Fantastic Fireworks as much as we did in being in such illustrious company. Thanks to SJM for giving us the opportunity. Meanwhile, down at Henley, there were almost as many gathered on the banks of the Thames and in river boats waiting in eager anticipation of the fireworks marking Regatta Week. At 10.15pm the skies erupted in waves of giant starbursts, pinks, reds, greens and purples all creating a beautiful reflections in the water. There was a big ooh when a huge red heart appeared in the sky and again for the snail and the star!  One of the most eye-catching starbursts was our new ‘ghost’ shell which exploded in a giant sphere of white stars which turned a ghostly green in a sort of Mexican Wave rollover. Magic!Fantastic Fireworks light up Henley during Regatta Week We would like to thank Billy Pinches and his committee for having the faith in us to help revive this traditional part of Regatta Week. If you want fantastic fireworks for your party, call us now on 0845 272 3550.

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