Fireworks, lasers, lights, Pixie – this show had the Lott!

Posted on April 29, 2015

One of the year’s biggest firework parties kicked off in Milton Keynes this month with the launch of VW Finance’s gleaming new £25 million building. We were proud to be part of a multimedia show that included lasers, lights, flames, fireworks and starred pop pinup Pixie Lott. ‘Absolutely brilliant’ said event executive Alex Beckett, ‘we weren’t sure how it was going to look on the night but it was fantastic, you guys exceeded all our expectations, it was a great job.’ With the audience and stage set in the centre of the futuristic curve of the building we were given the challenge of mounting a spectacular finale from the rooftop immediately above. Using fireworks specially made for close proximity viewing we used the length of the roof to create dramatic sweeps and swirls choreographed to the soundtrack from Requiem for a Dream. In addition to the safety of the audience we also had to take great care not to damage any of the multiple solar panels on the roof. These were all covered with protective sheets to ward off stray sparks. It’s just one of the many steps we take to provide the most complete and professional firework display service in the industry. Credits: Event management, DV8 GlobalEvents. Fireworks, Fantastic Fireworks. Lasers & flames, Lasersound. Lighting & power, Hawthorns. Production, Element Events.