Book Now & See 7 Wonders of the WOW!

Posted on January 21, 2024

As the UK’s leading fireworks display organisers we’re delighted to bring you our exciting new line-up for 2024 – The Seven Wonders of the WOW!

Get ready to be amazed by these pyrotechnic blockbusters, specially designed to make your display slay.

  1. Sparks Fly – our fantastic new show dedicated to the hits of Taylor Swift. No Bad Blood here, and if there is, just Shake It Off. And be sure to get there on time. Standard Swift Time.
  2. Disney Fireworks – From the Jungle Book to Wonka, from Flubber to Frozen, this non-stop music feast of all Disney’s greatest hits will be the soundtrack to a stupendous fireworks display
  3. Sky Full of Stars Wedding Fireworks – Every bride dreams of having fireworks at her wedding and we make that dream come true. Set to any song you like, we’ll create a wonderful display you’ll never forget

     4, New Year’s Eve Fireworks – Make your new year party go with a bang with one of our sky-rocking shows. Book early because this show always leaves on time.

     5. School Fireworks – We’re delighted to see so many schools make Bonfire Night their biggest fund-raiser of the year. Not only will we design and fire you show, we offer invaluable advice on ho to manage your event.

    6. Quiet Fireworks – We know noise is a becoming a cause of concern for many display organisers. Thins why we have spent a lot of time sourcing quiet fireworks which don’t disturb the neighbourhood. But don’t worry, they will still wow you!

    7. Laser Displays – Where fireworks are a no-no we bring you amazing laser displays. They’re a cocktail of colour laced with flaming fireballs, soaring sparks and many more special effects that make a super spectacle. And all set to a rocking soundtrack.

If you would like further information on our super-quiet pyrolaser shows, please call 01582 485555 or email [email protected]