Fantastic flames: Broadchurch says goodbye!

Posted on April 23, 2013

Fantastic Fireworks hand-held procession torches as seen in BroadchurchIt was the most talked about television mystery since ‘Who shot JR’ in Dallas. But there was no mystery about the flaming torches carried by villagers as they assembled to say their final farewell to Danny. They were supplied by Fantastic Fireworks! When the production company working on the ITV series bought them last year we (along with almost everyone else) had no idea the drama would prove to be one of television’s most-watched. The hand-held torches are one of the best-selling items in our online catalogue For enthusiasts who enjoy the thrill of lighting their own fireworks our new 2013 DIY range has every firework effect you could dream of, from our 4000-shot screamer barrage Neighbour from Hell to a firework that’s as big as a fridge! Bang-in-a-Box is the biggest DIY firework available and lasts nearly 3 minutes as it launches wave after wave of colourful starbursts, building to a noisy crescendo. So while you wait for the next series of Broadchurch why not check out and celebrate with another thriller!

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