Fantastic Fireworks mark TT Festival centenary

Posted on July 13, 2011

Fantastic Fireworks at the 2011 Isle of Man TT festival. Photo by LGM Photography.It’s one of the world’s great sporting events and as leading UK firework display organisers, Fantastic Fireworks were proud to be part of it. The 2011 Isle of Man TT races celebrated 100 years of the mountain course and we were asked to lay on a spectacular centenary fireworks display. Our fireworks display director Steve Boothman, head of Fantastic Fireworks Manchester, led a team 10 pyrotechnicians who spent 2 days preparing the show in Douglas harbour before the Friday night lift-off. Nearly a quarter of a ton of fireworks exploded in the night sky, providing an awesome spectacle for the thosuands who lined the promenade to watch. Among the many special effects was a sequence named Plutonium Pulse in which 100 fireworks were pumped into the sky in rapid succession, creating a continuous pulse of radiating gold stars. Tourism boss Michael Docherty was delighted with the show, adding ‘it was the best we have ever seen.’
Watch Isle of Man TT Fireworks 2011 highlights.

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