Eddie Iz back with a bang!

Posted on August 4, 2011

Fantastic Fireworks with Eddie Izzard and Laughs in the ParkGrowing up in the midst of the Sussex Bonfire Societies has turned Eddie Izzard into the big firework fan he is today. Some 30 years on, Eddie, who hails from Bexhill on Sea, has added pyrotechnics to his hilarious comedy routine of madcap philosophy, history and religion.  Following the success of last year’s open air gig in St Albans he returned and called in UK firework suppliers Fantastic Fireworks to provide the final encore to Laughs in the Park.  Not content with taking a bow and retiring to the Green Room Eddie jumped off stage and raced to the back of the auditorium where he counted down the start of the show. With Ross Noble, Tommy Tiernan and Frank Skinner also on the bill it was a fantastic night out for the thousands who came along. Comedy is the new rock and roll!

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