Book your Diwali fireworks here!

Posted on October 7, 2022

As the UK’s second longest established fireworks company we have been staging Diwali fireworks displays for nearly 40 years. Diwali is an important religious festival originating in India. It takes place annually and lasts for 5 days! The exact dates change each year and are determined by the position of the moon. This year it is between October 23rd and 28th. Fireworks are a huge part of Diwali celebrations – fireworks are known to ward off all evil spirits.

For this year’s Diwali celebrations we are offering a spectacular 10% off!  

You can light up the sky with our pre-made firework packs or popular single ignition fireworks. Our popular Diwali fireworks include Final Curtain, Flaming Lamborghini, Party in a Box and Ragnarok. Go to Fantastic Fireworks – Fireworks For Sale Online All Year Round! : Fantastic Fireworks and use the code DIWALI10 for your discount.

We also offer professional displays for larger events. We do offer fireworks that are quiet and emit beautiful light effects. We can create a beautiful show perfect for any Diwali festival. Enquire at [email protected] or call us on 0203 284 0010.