Congratulations! You’ve done it again!

Posted on November 1, 2017

As the UK’s most innovative and creative firework company Birmingham’s Drayton Manor Park is our showcase. We couldn’t have asked for a better start to the firework season than the three super displays which lit up the West Midlands theme park.  Choreographed to a movie soundtrack featuring favourite sci-fi and comic book superheroes our Sky-Fi Fireworks & Laser shows drew huge applause from the thousands who attended. Using the lake as our theatre we created surprise after surprise with fireworks shooting up, over and even into the lake! With piercing laser beams and brilliant searchlights adding to the spectacle it was one helluva show! Highlights included sequences from Superman, Batman and Iron Man which we electrified with amazing effects. You can enjoy the highlights in this video – watch out for the supercool sequence at 2.42 where we end the Iron Man theme with a pulsating white butterfly effect!

Colin Bryan OBE, chairman of Drayton Manor Park, told us: ‘You’ve done it again. An amazing show. Congratulations!’

To produce a show like this takes many months of planning, starting with an ideas forum in which we discuss themes for the show. Ideally this will be something we’re all familiar with rather than something that needs to be explained. Film titles or genres all work well and in this instance we chose Sky-Fi as the title.

From there we create a soundtrack lasting about 20 minutes. Each sequence lasts no more than about a minute so the pace and rhythm of the display constantly changes to suit the music. The soundtrack is loaded into a software program in which we can simulate the effects we want to create at any given point in the music. The final design is then uploaded into our digital firing system ready for show day.

Watch out for more displays at Drayton Manor Park in the coming weeks when we create more sky magic for their Magical Christmas nights.

For more information about our theme shows and fireworks for special occasions please click on the link or call us on 01582 485555.