Come on feel the noise!

Posted on April 15, 2013

If you thought that fireworks displays were something that happened only at night, have a look at this video. Daytime fireworks (aka daylight fireworks) have been around for many years and as the leading UK and London firework company Fantastic Fireworks was one of the first firework organisers to promote them in the UK. But it’s in Spain that daytime fireworks are as big an attraction as their night time counterpart. Every March tens of thousands of fireworks enthusiasts descend on the city of Valencia for the annual fire festival Las Fallas. For five consecutive days every lunchtime the city centre is packed for an ear-splitting storm of firecrackers known as mascletá. These little demons are hung from ropes, their pretty paper wrappers looking for all the world like a line of colourful washing until they explode with deafening ferocity.  The Spanish have turned noise into an art-form and this video of one of last month’s shows is a perfect example. Our own intrepid pyrotechnicians were given the privilege of a ringside position and haven’t stopped talking about it ever since. Daylight fireworks come in all varieties, from the noise of  mascletá to amazing displays of coloured smoke and parades of whistling parachutes. The good news is that they are all available here in the UK. Call us now on 0845 272 3550 or email [email protected].

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