Buy fireworks online and give Covid a rocket!

Posted on October 10, 2020

Despite all the Covid restrictions you can still buy fireworks online or find fireworks for sale at one of our fireworks shops.

As the UK’s No 1 fireworks company cheerleader we want you to celebrate Bonfire Night in the traditional way with our fireworks display packs.

With discounts of up to 25% check out fireworks for sale for a bargain!

It couldn’t be easier to buy fireworks online – click on the link to our fireworks shop. You’ll find an Aladdin’s cave of rockets, single ignitions, multi shots and more from only £275 inc free delivery for our brilliant Bugbusters pack.

Discounted from £309 to £275 you save £34!

This selection of 9 fireworks offers a range of colourful stars, golden palm bursts, crackling comets and noisy effects. If its a spectacular sky filling display you are looking for then this pack is perfect for you.

Even better, this package includes both single ignition and multishot fireworks providing you with everything you would need in just one click. And it comes with free delivery.

If you want something bigger try our Isolation Igniters pack, discounted from £530 to £475, a saving of £55!

This pack of 16 fireworks offers you the perfect explosive fireworks display. With a variety of magnificent effects filling the sky, ranging from colourful star burst to loud golden palms, this fireworks package will be a great addition to any celebrations during self-isolation.

With up to 9 minutes worth of multishot fireworks this package really does offer the wow factor.