Back with a bang for your party fireworks

Posted on July 13, 2020

We are delighted that as lockdown eases fireworks organisers are starting to plan  professional fireworks displays again. After 4 months of dark skies we will soon be lighting them up again. Hooray!

As a fireworks company who are double winners of the British Fireworks Championship we pride ourselves on delivering firework spectaculars with the wow factor.

We would love to light up your special occasion with one of our award-winning shows. From Bonfire Night fireworks to birthday party fireworks we have packages to suit all budgets and requirements. These range from off the shelf displays for those with a smaller budget to all-singing all-dancing extravaganzas choreographed to music.

As the UK’s leading fireworks company we are ready to party!

For all fireworks event organisers and individuals planning to have a display here is a our latest price guide.

Wedding & Parties

colourful-fireworksBudget Standard
This is a very colourful show with lots of glittering gold, silver and red starbursts combined with fountains and roman candles.
Duration: 4 minutes
Cost: £995 inc VAT (surcharge may apply for displays over 50 miles from London)

Please see this sample of our Budget Standard fireworks display.

Budget Plus
Want more? Want bigger? Our Budget Plus display goes the extra smile! All the thrills of Budget Standard with an extra magical minute of sky high starbursts and golden rain.
Duration: 5 minutes
Cost: £1400 inc VAT
Please see this sample of our Budget Plus firework display.

Budget Premium
The hottest rocket in town! Our Budget Premium display will make you look amazing as it lights up the sky with a spectacular flypast of crackling colour and booming starbursts. And you get an extra amazing minute, zooming you into the Top 6!
Duration: 6 minutes
Cost: £1750 inc VAT
Please see this sample of our Budget Premium display.

Customised displays

We can also offer our fully customized displays tailored for your needs.
These include
Choreography to music
• Soundtrack created by us to your specification
• PA system*
• Personalised effects including
• Red firework lovehearts (for wedding displays)
• Bride & Groom’s initials in red firework loveheart (for wedding displays)
• Company or client name in fireworks (for corporate events, birthdays & anniversaries)
• VIP start button in which you get to start the show
* subject to an additional cost (see below)

Wedding Fireworks DevonImpact
Four minutes of nonstop aerial action that lights up the sky turning night into dazzling day! Effects include golden palms, towering starbursts and beautiful colour changing sweeps of red and blue stars. Can be set to music. Like to know more?
Please see this example of our Impact display.
Duration: 4 mins
Cost: £2250 incVAT

High Impact
If you’re looking for added ‘wow factor’ you’ll want our High Impact show. It includes all the oohs and aahs of Impact but fizzes ferociously with even bigger starbursts for another action-packed minute. Can be set to music. Like to know more?
Please see this example of our High Impact display.
Duration: 5 mins
Cost:  £2750 inc VAT

Our Maximpact display is the one that takes it to the next level. It’s the Merc of sky magic, all class and power as it blows your socks off! For beautiful brides it also features love hearts in the sky. Can be set to music. Like to know more?
Please see this example of our Maximpact display.
Duration: 6 mins
Cost: £3250 inc VAT

Supermax Impact
You’ve seen the Merc, now try the Ferrari! Our Supermax Impact display races into top gear straight from the start, thrilling to watch and thrilling to experience! Like to know more? Please watch this snippet of what you can expect to see from our Supermax Impact display.
Duration: 7 mins
Cost: £3750 inc VAT

All the above displays come with a VIP start button.

Setting a display to your favourite music tracks adds another level of enjoyment, making your special display much more memorable and the display itself more effective. Send us your music choices and we’ll mix a soundtrack. We can choreograph any show to music and supply a PA system for up to 500 people for an additional cost of £275.
We invite you to put your signature on your display. We will invite you to our HQ or visit you to and collaborate on the design of your display & choose from our huge range of amazing effects.

These include fireworks like this simply stunning effect that erupts in a magical Mexican wave of fireworks that sweeps from red to blue and back again. CLICK HERE

Then there are these jaw-droppingly beautiful sequences of criss-crossing comets showing our pyro-artistry at its award-winning best. CLICK HERE

And for the finale how about this. It’s wave after wave of tumbling glitter, creating an amazing ‘skyfall’ of golden waterfalls. CLICK HERE

Price from £1000 per minute, including choreography to music and a sound system for up to 500 people.

Wedding Fireworks OxfordshireTOTAL SHOCK & AWE

For the ultimate in party fireworks, you must see this awesome display, choreographed to music by the outstanding young composer British Tom Player. His work Takedown, remixed by a US dj Celldweller, could have been written with fireworks in mind. Celldweller himself couldn’t have been more impressed. His verdict? ‘Insane!’  Watch Total Shock & Awe fireworks here or see it by clicking on the image at the top of the page

Total Shock & Awe is priced at £2000 per minute


If you’re looking for a fireworks company specialising in quiet fireworks we can promise a truly spectacular display without the bangs.

More and more venues are placing noise restrictions on fireworks displays because of their effect on neighbours, pets and livestock. In response to these concerns we create quiet fireworks displays designed to keep the peace.

As an example please see these video samples, with music, and without music.

We are proud to be the preferred supplier at many leading venues who will only allow quiet fireworks. These include Warwick Castle, Thornbury Castle, Danesfield House and Knebworth Park.

Using colourful mines, roman candles and fountains we can create spectacular displays that look every bit as exciting as their noisier counterparts. This is so important to the reputations of venues like Warwick Castle and Knebworth that they will only use Fantastic Fireworks. With our 5-star ranking on TrustPilot you can trust us to deliver.

Call us on 01582 48555 or email [email protected] to learn more about quiet fireworks.

Bonfire Night

Our range of displays for November 5th cater for scouts, schools, colleges and unis, local authorities, fund-raising organisations like Round Table, Lions and Rotary and for community groups.

Unlike other styles of display which are usually short and punchy there is a level of expectation that Bonfire Night displays will last a quite a lot longer, anything from 10 to 30 minutes. This is because the fireworks are the main attraction of the evening and audiences expect to be entertained for longer.

Medium size displays
We recommend a duration of between 10 and 15 minutes for school & college Bonfire Night fireworks. We will create a display with plenty of effects that will draw the ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ from the audience. Here is a typical example with music and without music.
Medium size displays start from £350 per minute. 

Large displays
We stage some of the biggest Bonfire Night displays in the country for fund-raising events. Our clients include councils, Rotary clubs, Round Tables and theme parks. Typical displays last between 20 and 30 minutes with the full panoply of pyrotechnics at our disposal. These are usually choreographed to music for added enjoyment. Please view these examples of one of our biggest displays, the Drayton Manor Park fireworks, and Kenilworth Round Table fireworks.
Large displays start from £750 per minute

For further information about our amazing displays please  email [email protected] or call 0845 272 3550