Announcing the UK’s biggest & most exciting Bonfire Night displays!

Posted on August 13, 2015
War of the Worlds fireworks spectacular

War of the Worlds fireworks spectacular

As the leading UK firework display company we are thrilled to announce that we will be staging what will surely be the biggest and most exciting displays of the Bonfire Night season.

We have been commissioned to stage Jeff Wayne’s world-renowned magnum opus The War of the Worlds as a spectacular music, fireworks, lasers and special effects show on 4 nights in October and November.

The displays will take place on from Friday October 30th to Sunday November 1st at Drayton Manor Park, in the West Midlands, and on Saturday 7th November at Royal Windsor Racecourse in Berkshire. Click on the links for more details and ticket info.

Narrating this iconic story will be the unmistakable voice of actor Liam Neeson, who recorded it in Jeff Wayne’s latest New Generation version, taking over the role made famous by Richard Burton. Best known for movies including Schindler’s List and the Taken series, Liam Neeson tells of the Earth’s invasion by Martians and how our civilisation was only saved by bacteria.

We will be bringing The War of the Worlds dramatically to life with special effects including a 30ft high Martian Fighting Machine, a laser Heat Ray and a battle between the valiant gunboat Thunderchild and a Fighting Machine.

At Drayton Manor Park there will also be a giant water screen relaying the action in brilliant graphics as the sky overhead is lit with fantastic fireworks.

Fantastic Fireworks managing director Jon Culverhouse said: ‘We’re thrilled to be bringing War of the Worlds back to the skies and indebted to Jeff Wayne for allowing us to recreate his amazing stage production as a firework display. It is always our most popular show because of the brilliant music and a terrific story that we can do so much with it in the way of special effects. These have come a long way since our last production about 10 years ago. The water screen will enable us to show many new effects and of course the fireworks themselves will be the latest and most spectacular available anywhere in the world. I can’t wait to see it in action.’