After Notre Dame will displays like this ever be seen again?

Posted on April 17, 2019

The shocking sight of the conflagration at Notre Dame is a stark reminder of the dangers of fire. All the more amazing then that only a few years ago we were atop two of the UK’s most famous cathedrals rigging a massive fireworks display. The occasion was the 800th birthday of the City of Liverpool and as the UK’s  leading fireworks company we’d been commissioned to make the party go with a bang. This included rigging the Anglican and Roman Cathedrals with huge amounts of pyro.

As our photo and this video show, it rocked!

[videopress PeCQ460P]

In the aftermath of Notre Dame the chances of being allowed to fire a display anywhere near a cathedral, or indeed any historic building, are virtually nil. So we will look back on that balmy August night in 2007 with a certain amount of nostalgia. Not only was it one of the greatest moments in UK firework history, but we shall probably never see its like again.

For the full story of how we lit up Liverpool for its 800th birthday party please visit our Case Studies page.