5-Star show for Cornish cricket champs

Posted on September 9, 2019

So we lost the Ashes but in Penzance they were dancing in the streets. Cornwall’s newly crowned cricket champions were having a party and they turned to another winning team to help them celebrate.

They handed us the ball and we bowled them over!

As double winners of the British Fireworks Championship and leading UK fireworks display organiser, it was one of those jobs we love.

As the club chairman noted in his 5-star review on TrustPilot: ‘I gave these guys barely any notice of my requirement for a serious display to celebrate our cricket club winning all available senior trophies in Cornwall in 2019.

A fabulous result

‘They responded within an hour, we agreed the display requirements the same day and they delivered a fabulous result on the Saturday evening, four days later. Everything they did, from communication through to display and clear up, was absolutely first class. I will be using them again without a doubt and can highly recommend their services.’

Thank you Mr Chairman. Responding at short notice is what we do. Our firework teams live for entertaining and will jump at any chance to light up the sky. Perhaps it’s the pyromaniac in us that makes us want to set fire to things but we are always very conscious of how firework displays require a huge amount of skill and experience to perform safely.

For this event, it wasn’t just the timeframe in which we had to prep the show. With a cricket match taking place at the ground right up to 5 o’clock we had only a little over 5 hours to set it up.

Expert knowledge

We also had to be careful not to cause any damage to the pitch, no easy feat when you’re having to secure dozens of fireworks without stakes and pegs. Then there was the question of how to prevent burning debris fall to ground.

We dealt with the first issue by setting up the whole display on pallets, which made the job much quicker.  With our expert knowledge of each and every one of all the fireworks in our inventory we were able to choose those which produced least debris while at the same time being easy to secure.

It all paid off when the display ended to huge cheers and the head groundsman found hardly a mark on his pitch!