School Prom Fireworks

School Prom Fireworks

This beautiful photo by deJetleyMarks Photography is what school prom fireworks are all about. A magical night to remember. Here at Fantastic Fireworks we understand why the school prom is so special. It celebrates the end of five years of studying and making new friends. The night is given much significance where girls buy dresses designed specially for prom and young men show up in their smartest suits. It’s only fair to give them the send off they deserve and will never forget.

Here are some ways we can make your school prom special with fireworks.


Music you listen to as a teenager means more to you than at any other point in your life. Psychological and neuroscientific evidence confirms that our brains bind us to the music we hear as teens more tightly than anything we hear as adults. The songs also hold disproportionate power over our emotions. So music that students listen to in their school prom is likely to stay with them forever, and what’s more memorable than a fireworks display? You can have it choreographed to a selection of the top pop songs of the year and watch spectators sing and dance along with joy!


Some of the most aesthetically pleasing events use a theme of colours or are inspired by a particular thing such as a movie, city or atmosphere. All our professional fireworks are designed using a technologically advanced software system which enables our specialists to use colours and firework types that complement the display. As part of our bespoke service, we can incorporate colours that will work beautifully with the decorations of the event.

VIP button

Nothing creates more excitement than having an appearance from a celebrity at an event. It doesn’t have to be a Hollywood actor or pop singer. It may be a local celebrity, previous X Factor contestant or even the student representative of the year group. We offer a complimentary VIP button which they could press to start the fireworks. This will create an exciting buzz prior to the display and can be the highlight of the evening.

Prices start from just £995 including VAT for an unforgettable display on an unforgettable night.

We have three ranges of prices.
PROMS STANDARD – this is a budget priced display lasting 5 minutes costing £995 + VAT
PROMS PLATINUM – our intermediate package has a wider, 3-point frontage and is so is visually panoramic. Duration 7 minutes, cost £1495 + VAT
PROMS PREMIUM – our all singing, all dancing display fires from 5 fronts with even more exciting effects. Duration 9 minutes, cost £1995 + VAT
All the above are available with a quiet option like this example
All our displays can be set to music if required.
Our displays are fully inclusive of labour, transport, set-up and fire, with a thorough clear-up afterwards.  They are also backed by £10 million public liability insurance, full risk assessment and 36 years of experience.

For further details please call 0845 272 3550 or email [email protected]

Love at First Light

We go to great lengths to make sure you go home with lasting memories, but don’t just take our word for it. Find out what our happy clients love about Fantastic Fireworks:

  • Summer Concert Review

    On behalf of Bicester Town Council I am writing to thank everyone involved in the setting up and execution of the splendid firework display which marked the end of the Proms Concert

    Susan Mackrell, Deputy Town Clerk

All of our firework displays are tailor-made, every time

We go to great lengths to make sure that your event is truly spectacular - that's why each and every display we fire is completely bespoke and unique to you.

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With a sparkling selection of professional fireworks displays, each personalised and custom-made to your requirements, you're sure to find the fireworks display of your dreams!

Party Fireworks

Perfect for:

  • That big occasion
  • Marking a milestone
  • Homecomings and Reunions
  • Impressing your friends!
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Amazing Wedding Firework Displays

Here's what we give you:

  • Your big day grand finale
  • Surprising your guests
  • Thrilling the bride & groom
  • Making dreams come true
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Quiet Firework Displays

Perfect for

  • Locations with noise restrictions
  • Locations in built-up areas
  • Locations near pets and livestock
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Leavers Ball Fireworks

Celebrate your big farewell with

  • A sky full of stars
  • Fantastic friends
  • A night to remember
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Anniversary & Birthday Fireworks

Perfect for:

  • Company anniversaries
  • Historic building anniversaries
  • Event anniversaries
  • Wedding anniversaries
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Bonfire Night Fireworks Displays

  • Council displays
  • Village & community events
  • Schools, scouts & charity fund-raisers
  • Racecourses & theme parks
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laser displays

Perfect for:

  • Christmas Lights
  • Events where fireworks not permitted
  • Weddings
  • Historic buildings
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New Year's Eve fireworks displays

Perfect for:

  • The Midnight Blowment!
  • The Chimes of Big Bang!
  • Happy New Yeah!
  • Twelve O'Clock Shock!
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Total Shock & Awe

Perfect for

  • The ultimate fireworks party
  • VIP Birthdays
  • VIP Corporates
  • VIP Anniversaries
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Daylight fireworks

  • Gender Reveal Fireworks
  • Day Time Celebrations
  • Anniversaries & Celebrations
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Ashes & Memorial Firework Displays

  • To Remember Your Loved Ones
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School Prom Fireworks

Celebrate your special night with

  • An amazing display
  • A sky full of stars
  • A magical memory
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Summer Concert Fireworks

Perfect for:

  • Proms in the Park
  • Battle Proms
  • Open Air Concerts
  • Music Festival Finales
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Corporate Event Fireworks

  • Company Celebrations
  • Family Days
  • Product Launches
  • Conferences
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Festival & Carnival Fireworks

Perfect for:

  • Festival finales
  • Carnival finales
  • Regatta finales
  • Music Festival Finales
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Christmas Lights Fireworks

Perfect for:

  • Jingle BANGS!
  • Christmas CRACKERS!
  • ROCKETING Around the Christmas Tree!
  • When You WHOOSH Upon a Star!
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There are many reasons why we're Fantastic!

We are the Champions!

Fantastic Fireworks are twice winners of the British Fireworks Championship

We make YOU look amazing

We wow your guests, you get the credit!

You can rely on us

We've been around for 40 years!

Ultra-fast turnaround

Our dedicated team can fire displays with as little as 24 hours notice.

Maestros with Music

Our fireworks and music displays hit all the right notes!

Kings of Quiet

For events where noise is an issue, our quiet fireworks keep the peace!