Glossary – Firework Names and Effects

Each of our firework displays is carefully crafted to paint a picture in the sky and we work with you to ensure the result is just what you want. With a palette of endless colours, patterns, and effects to choose from, from a smiley face to a sea of red stars floating on water, you will be spoilt for choice! You can see more of our fabulous effects in the photos below.


Gold is one of the most amazing sights in the fireworks firmament. You can choose spiky dahlia-shaped starbursts like the ones pictured here in trident formation or one of the many other shapes shown further down. These include palm effects, waterfall effects and a giant spider’s web of gold, often seen at the end of a display.

Any colour, except black!

What’s your favourite colour? Red, blue, green, purple, yellow, white? There is not a colour we can’t reproduce in fireworks, as long as it’s not black! Some even com in colour mixes, such as half green, half purple or colour changing. Almost any combination is possible and we can do most of them.

Pretty in Pink

The secret of this fabulous sequence is not just the pretty pink of the starbursts but the way they are spread across the sky. Rather than aiming the fireworks straight up, we can angle them for you so they burst in a panorama of colour rather than all in the same place.

Red White & Blue Mine Fan

You’ll love this beautiful effect which erupts in waves of giant fan-shaped starbursts. You can hear the ‘oohs’ from the audience as it reappears again and again. Choose from gold and silver or red, white and blue,

Hearts & Smiley Faces

Fireworks come in all shapes and sizes and among the most recent developments are patterns. Romantics will love our beautiful red heart shapes whilst astronomers may go for our Saturn patterns. If you are one to look on the bright side you might even choose our Smiley Face!


Of all the amazing sights in the pyrotechnic solar system, the firework willow is the star of the show. Out of the blackness there suddenly appear multiple trails of stardust, each tracing a fine thread of gold or silver. As they gently fall the effect takes on the appearance of a golden weeping willow reaching all the way to the ground.

Float Your Boat!

The red fireworks you see at the bottom of this picture will really float your boat! Known as aquacarpets, these stunning fireworks look absolutely amazing over a large stretch of water. Instead of igniting into the sky, they are fired over water where they float and transform into a sea of colour. We have many different colours to choose from as well as an even more amazing variety which erupts from the water like a salvo of surface to air missiles!

Palm Sundae!

You don’t have to travel to the tropics to see this wonderful effect. Palm shaped fireworks are one of our most popular creations as they rise high in the sky and unfurl their golden fronds. Then they hang there, gently drifting in the breeze. The only thing missing is a coconut!

Golden Goodbye!

You’ll want a big finish to your show and there is no better way to do it than with our golden goodbye. We will fill the sky with huge starbursts of glittering gold, each bigger than the one before it until it is literally raining gold! It’s an awesome sight and one which will make your guests burst into spontaneous applause.