Professional fireworks displays that will set your pulse racing. We guarantee an awe-inspiring “WOW” factor every time!

Professional Displays

There are many reasons why we're Fantastic!

We're number one

Fantastic Fireworks are twice winners of the British Fireworks Champions!

We make YOU look amazing

We wow your guests, you get the credit!

Hollywood royalty

We’ve starred alongside Hollywood greats at the Cannes Film Festival.

Ultra fast turnaround

Our dedicated team can fire displays with as little as 24 hours notice.

Maestros with Music

Our fireworks and music displays are simply the best!

Kings of Quiet

For events where noise is an issue, our quiet fireworks keep the peace!

Let us plan your fireworks display

Get in touch with our experienced and friendly team today and we’ll help you craft the fireworks display of your dreams!

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Lake Geneva – the perfect setting for a Swiss spectacular

Our latest fireworks epic took us to stunning Lake Geneva in Switzerland. A Chinese telecoms company were staging an international conference and we were asked to provide a spectacular finale. The event organisers, from Shanghai, wanted an English speaking firework company to help them overcome any language problems in French-speaking Geneva. We won the contract […]
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Fireworks on Water

Professional fireworks against the dark skies are beautiful but having them reflected over water can be truly remarkable. With twice the spectacle, water is the perfect reflective surface to magnify firework effects, colours and sparkles. A venue with a lake or location by the seaside or river presents the perfect opportunity to set up pyrotechnics […]
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