Professional fireworks displays that will set your pulse racing. We guarantee an awe-inspiring “WOW” factor every time!

Professional Displays

There are many reasons why we're Fantastic!

We're number one

Fantastic Fireworks are twice winners of the British Fireworks Champions!

We make YOU look amazing

We wow your guests, you get the credit!

Hollywood royalty

We’ve starred alongside Hollywood greats at the Cannes Film Festival.

Ultra fast turnaround

Our dedicated team can fire displays with as little as 24 hours notice.

Maestros with Music

Our fireworks and music displays are simply the best!

Kings of Quiet

For events where noise is an issue, our quiet fireworks keep the peace!

Let us plan your fireworks display

Get in touch with our experienced and friendly team today and we’ll help you craft the fireworks display of your dreams!

  • We’re available Mon - Fri from 9am - 5pm

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    Drop by and visit the factory of dreams. We’d love to see you.

Some epic displays in all the summer hot spots

As the UK’s most exciting firework company we’re delighted to bring you our latest summer newscast, covering all the hot spots we’ve been to in this long hot summer, including • Slaying dragons at Warwick Castle • Echoes of Churchill at Blenheim Palace • How we are beating the fire risk during this scorching summer […]
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  • 11Jul 18
    Fire risks with fireworks during a heatwave – How we ensure health and safety.
  • 09Jul 18
    Fireworks forever if we win the World Cup!
  • 22May 18
    Royal wedding fireworks light the way
  • 28Apr 18
    You’re invited to our long hot summer of music and fireworks!
  • 10Apr 18
    Watch our latest newscast
  • 19Mar 18
    Hola! It’s daylight fireworks!

Marquee Events + Firework Displays

Marquee Entertainment So, you’re planning an outdoor event, perhaps a wedding reception or an anniversary celebration. The first thing that you’re likely to have arranged is the key infrastructure. For the majority of outdoor events nationwide, the goal is to have a top-of-the-range marquee as a central hub for the event. There are so many ways […]
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  • 04Dec 17
    Entire World Population Could Fit into Greater London!
  • 22Jul 17
    Celebrating New Year fireworks around the world
  • 12May 17
    Wake up and smell the fireworks!
  • 08May 17
    Celebrating the centenary of the end of the First World War
  • 24Apr 17
    Fireworks in films
  • 14Apr 17
    Add extra sparkle with a Christmas Lights Firework Display